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magento, Magento Hosting

Harness the power of Certa’s Magento hosting

Our powerful servers ensure that your website performs day after day, with fast loading speeds, up-to-date hardware and a control panel that makes it all really easy to manage.

We take care of the maintenance and security of your site, so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Best of all, we can grow with you. As your needs change and develop, we can seamlessly transition your store to a hosting package that suits.

For an ecommerce site with extensive stock and high traffic you might like to consider a dedicated hosting package.
magento, Magento Hosting

Powerful e-commerce

Visitors shopping on your site want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Magento hosting for e-commerce sites has all the features needed to make browsing your site slick and professional.

Not only can visitors find what they are looking for with ease, more importantly for your bottom line - they can checkout just as quickly.
magento, Magento Hosting

Safe and secure

Security of your e-commerce website is our number one priority. We work alongside Magento to ensure that security levels remain high.

Magento comes with advanced security features so that your customers can be reassured their private information is safe and protected from being hacked.

Regular Magento security patches help keep vulnerabilities in the system to a minimum.
magento, Magento Hosting

Payment methods

The payment options available in Magento are vast and include transactions using PayPal, credit cards, Google Checkout, money orders, Woo Commerce and Cybersource, among others.

You can even opt to accept personal cheques if you would like.

Magento puts you in control of payment methods and let's you decide what works best for your store.